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Solar Park | System: 36, Capacity: 2108.89 MW

SL. Project Name SID Capacity Location RE Technology Agency Finance Completion Date Present Status Details
1Sirajganj 7.6 MWp Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant1516.13 MWSirajganj Sadar Upazila, SirajgonjSolar ParkNWPGCLSelf2021-03-30Completed & RunningDetails
250 MW (AC) Solar Park by HETAT-DITROLIC-IFDC Solar Consortium12550 MWGauripur, MymensinghSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2020-11-04Completed & RunningDetails
3Kaptai 7.4 MWp Grid-connected Solar PV Power Plant 2687.4 MWKaptai Upazila, RangamatiSolar ParkBPDBADB2019-05-28Completed & RunningDetails
48 MW Solar Park by Parasol Energy Ltd. 3618 MWPanchagarh Sadar, PanchagarhSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2019-05-13Completed & RunningDetails
520MW (AC) Solar Park by Joules Power Limited (JPL)12820 MWTeknaf Upazila, Cox's BazarSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2018-09-15Completed & RunningDetails
63 MW Grid-connected PV Power Plant at Sharishabari, Jamalpur 1473 MWSarishabari Upazila, JamalpurSolar ParkBPDBIPP2017-07-14Completed & RunningDetails
7Sonagazi 50 MW Solar Power Plant Construction Project15250 MWSonagazi, FeniSolar ParkEGCBWB2021-06-30Implementation OngoingDetails
832 MW (AC) Solar Park by Haor Bangla-Korea Green Energy Ltd.12632 MWDharampasha, SunamganjSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-02-28Implementation OngoingDetails
95 MW (AC) Solar Park by Sun Solar Power Plant Ltd. 3405 MWGowainghat, SylhetSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2020-12-30Implementation OngoingDetails
1035 MW (AC) Solar Park by Consortium of Spectra Engineers Limited & Shunfeng Investment Limited13735 MWShibalaya Upazila, ManikganjSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2020-08-31Implementation OngoingDetails
115 MW (AC) Solar Park by PV Power Patgram Ltd.1335 MWPatgram, LalmonirhatSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2020-07-13Implementation OngoingDetails
1230MW (AC) Solar Park by Intraco CNG Ltd & Juli New Energy Co. Ltd.12730 MWGangachara, RangpurSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2020-03-27Implementation OngoingDetails
13Solar Street Lighting Program in 8 City Corporations (SSLPCC)339360 kWWhole BangladeshSolar ParkBPDBADB2019-12-31Implementation OngoingDetails
14200 MW (AC) Solar Park by Beximco Power Co. Ltd. 129200 MWSundarganj, GaibandhaSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2019-04-26Implementation OngoingDetails
15200 MW (AC) Solar Park by SunEdison Energy Holding (Singapore) Pvt Ltd124200 MWTeknaf Upazila, Cox's BazarSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2018-07-09Implementation OngoingDetails
16Sonagazi 100 MW Solar Power Plant Project-2970100 MWSonagazi, FeniSolar ParkEGCBN/A2023-12-31Under PlanningDetails
17Sonagazi 100 MW Solar Power Plant Project-1969100 MWSonagazi, FeniSolar ParkEGCBN/A2022-12-31Under PlanningDetails
18Madargonj 100MW Solar PV Power Project282100 MWMadarganj Upazila, JamalpurSolar ParkRPCLIPP (Unsolicited)2022-06-30Under PlanningDetails
1930 MW Solar Park 28330 MWBoda, PanchagarhSolar ParkRPCLIPP (Unsolicited)2021-06-30Under PlanningDetails
20Madarganj 100 MW Grid Tied Solar Power Plant Project923100 MWMadarganj Upazila, JamalpurSolar ParkB-R PowerGenIPP (Unsolicited)2021-06-30Under PlanningDetails
21100 MW (AC) Solar Park by Energon Technologies FZE & China Sunergy Co.Ltd (ESUN)136100 MWMongla Upazila, BagerhatSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-02-28Under PlanningDetails
2220 MW (AC) Grid-tied Solar PV Power Plant at Debganj, Panchagarh, Bangladesh40920 MWDebiganj, PanchagarhSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-02-15Under PlanningDetails
2347 MW (AC) Grid-tied Solar PV Power Plant at Debiganj, Panchagarh, Bangladesh41047 MWDebiganj, PanchagarhSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-02-15Under PlanningDetails
2410 MW (AC) Grid-tied Solar PV Power Plant at Moulvibazar Sadar, Moulvibazar, Bangladesh41110 MWMoulvibazar Sadar, MoulvibazarSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-02-15Under PlanningDetails
25Ashuganj 100 MW Grid Tied Solar Park153100 MWKatiadi Upazila, KishoreganjSolar ParkAPSCLGoB2020-12-31Under PlanningDetails
2630 MW (AC) Solar Park by Beximco Power Company Ltd & Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co Ltd., China13230 MWTetulia, PanchagarhSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2020-09-27Under PlanningDetails
2750 MW Solar Park by 8minutenergy Singapore Holdings 2 Pte. Ltd. Singapore34150 MWWhole Bangladesh, PanchagarhSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2019-12-31Under PlanningDetails
2850 MW Solar Park by Scatec Solar ASA72750 MWWhole Bangladesh, NilphamariSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2019-09-06Under PlanningDetails
29Installation of a 100 MWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) based Grid-connected Power Generation Plant, Sonagazi, Feni143100 MWSonagazi, FeniSolar ParkBPDBGoB2019-06-30Under PlanningDetails
30100 MW (AC) Solar Park by Zhejiang Dun An New Energy Co., Ltd, China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation, Solar Tech Power Limited, & Amity Solar Limited141100 MWAditmari, LalmonirhatSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2018-06-30Under PlanningDetails

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