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Solar Park | System: 47, Capacity: 2231.37 MWp

SL. Project Name SID Capacity Location RE Technology Agency Finance Completion Date Present Status Details
1Sirajganj 6.13 MW (AC) Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant1517.6 MWpSirajganj Sadar Upazila, SirajgonjSolar ParkNWPGCLSelf2021-03-30Completed & RunningDetails
235 MW AC Solar Park by Consortium of Spectra Engineers Limited & Shunfeng Investment Limited13735 MWpShibalaya Upazila, ManikganjSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-03-12Completed & RunningDetails
350 MW (AC) Solar Park by HETAT-DITROLIC-IFDC Solar Consortium12550 MWpGauripur, MymensinghSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2020-11-04Completed & RunningDetails
4Kaptai 7.4 MWp (6.63 MW AC) Grid-connected Solar PV Power Plant 2687.4 MWpKaptai Upazila, RangamatiSolar ParkBPDBADB2019-05-28Completed & RunningDetails
58 MW Solar Park by Parasol Energy Ltd. 3618 MWpPanchagarh Sadar, PanchagarhSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2019-05-13Completed & RunningDetails
620MW (AC) Solar Park by Joules Power Limited (JPL)12820 MWpTeknaf Upazila, Cox's BazarSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2018-09-15Completed & RunningDetails
73 MW Grid-connected PV Power Plant at Sharishabari, Jamalpur 1473 MWpSarishabari Upazila, JamalpurSolar ParkBPDBIPP2017-07-14Completed & RunningDetails
8Sonagazi 50 MW Solar Power Plant Construction Project15250 MWpSonagazi, FeniSolar ParkEGCBWB2022-12-30Implementation OngoingDetails
930 MW (AC) Solar Park by Beximco Power Company Ltd & Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co Ltd.13230 MWpTetulia, PanchagarhSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2022-03-26Implementation OngoingDetails
1032 MW (AC) Solar Park by Haor Bangla-Korea Green Energy Ltd.12632 MWpDharampasha, SunamganjSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-12-31Implementation OngoingDetails
115 MW (AC) Solar Park by PV Power Patgram Ltd.1335 MWpPatgram, LalmonirhatSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-12-31Implementation OngoingDetails
12100 MW (AC) Solar Park by Energon Technologies FZE & China Sunergy Co.Ltd (ESUN)136100 MWpMongla Upazila, BagerhatSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-12-31Implementation OngoingDetails
135 MW (AC) Solar Park by Sun Solar Power Plant Ltd. 3405 MWpGowainghat, SylhetSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-12-30Implementation OngoingDetails
14200 MW (AC) Solar Park by Beximco Power Co. Ltd. 129200 MWpSundarganj, GaibandhaSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-10-26Implementation OngoingDetails
1530MW (AC) Solar Park by Intraco CNG Ltd & Juli New Energy Co. Ltd.12730 MWpGangachara, RangpurSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2021-09-26Implementation OngoingDetails
16Sonagazi 100 MW Solar Power Plant Project-1969100 MWpSonagazi, FeniSolar ParkEGCBN/A2025-06-30Under PlanningDetails
17Sonagazi 100 MW Solar Power Plant Project-2970100 MWpSonagazi, FeniSolar ParkEGCBN/A2025-06-30Under PlanningDetails
18Matarbari 50 MW Grid Tied Solar Power Plant Project425150 MWpMaheshkhali Upazila, Cox's BazarSolar ParkCPGCBLJICA2024-12-30Under PlanningDetails
19Rangunia 45-55 MW(AC) Grid Tied Solar Power Project on BOO Basis417755 MWpRangunia Upazila, ChittagongSolar ParkBPDBIPP2023-10-17Under PlanningDetails
2050 MW Grid-tied Solar Power Plant near Chuadanga 132,33 KV Grid Substation417050 MWpChuadanga-S Upazila, ChuadangaSolar ParkBPDBIPP2023-07-05Under PlanningDetails
21Sirajganj 68 MW Solar Park424988.75 MWpSirajganj Sadar Upazila, SirajgonjSolar ParkNWPGCLN/A2023-06-30Under PlanningDetails
22Pabna 60 MW Solar Park425083.83 MWpSujanagar Upazila, PabnaSolar ParkNWPGCLN/A2023-06-30Under PlanningDetails
237 MW solar power plant by Joint Venture of Appolo Engineering & Construction Limited &S.M.E. Electrical Private Limited41687 MWpChandpur Sadar, ChandpurSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2023-06-21Under PlanningDetails
2450 MW solar power plant by Consortium of IBV Vogt GmbH & SS Agro Complex Ltd.416750 MWpDhamrai Upazila, DhakaSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2023-06-20Under PlanningDetails
253.77 MW Solar Power Plant by Joint Venture of Mostafa Motors Ltd. Bangladesh and Solarland (Wuxi) Electric Science and Technology Co. Ltd. China41663.77 MWpBera Upazila, PabnaSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2023-06-06Under PlanningDetails
2650 MW Grid-tied Solar Power Plant near Baroiyerhat 132,33 KV Grid Substation416950 MWpMirsharai Upazila, ChittagongSolar ParkBPDBIPP2023-06-06Under PlanningDetails
2750 MW Grid-tied Solar Power Plant near Netrokona 132,33 KV Grid Substation417150 MWpNetrakona-S Upazilla, NetrokonaSolar ParkBPDBIPP2023-06-06Under PlanningDetails
2810 MW (AC) Grid-tied Solar PV Power Plant by Symbior Solar & Holland Construction at Moulovibazar41110 MWpMoulvibazar Sadar, MoulvibazarSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2022-12-29Under PlanningDetails
29Construction of 109.77 MWp (82.5 MW AC) Solar Photovoltaic Grid Connected Power Plant at Sonagazi, Feni143109.77 MWpSonagazi, FeniSolar ParkBPDBGoB2022-12-28Under PlanningDetails
3020 MW (AC) Grid-tied Solar PV Power Plant by Rahimafrooz Shunfeng Consortium40920 MWpDebiganj, PanchagarhSolar ParkBPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2022-12-28Under PlanningDetails

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